Fulfillment in God comes only through God. Any other object/subject of interest will only bring us temporary pleasure. Knowing God is fostering intimacy with the Lord. Intimacy is not superficial or general knowledge of a person. Intimacy is not fickle – knowing someone on the surface. Intimacy is deep; it is knowing someone at a deep and intricate level. God wants us to be intimate with Him.
John 10:22-36. God has called us to come into equality with Him. Psalm 82:6. The Father’s pleasure for us is eternal life. It is eternal life that births us in the class of divinity. Being born into the class of divinity is a function of the new birth. New birth is the regeneration of our spirit by which we become children of God.

It is eternal life that validates us in the class of divinity.Eternal life is experienced by living our lives in alignment with the Father’s will.
As we cultivate intimacy with the Lord, we give up some things. In intimacy with God, there is spiritual exchange where we relinquish self for eternal life in abundant measure.
As we walk in the principles of the new birth, eternal life, in a measure, finds expression in our lives leading to protection, provision, victory over fear, etc. God’s ultimate desire is that we have eternal life in abundant measure.

John 5:16

Jesus said ‘my Father has been working and I am working too’. This is divine alignment when we act and think in sync with God. It is equality with God. The will of God is what drives our existence. This is a function of intimacy. Our testimony is that we will be an exact replica of the Father. That is we will be a reflection of the Father’s image.
Miracles, signs and wonders are very important but do not trouble the principalities of darkness that much. It is walking in alignment with the Father’s will that judges the kingdom of darkness.

We cannot walk in intimacy with God if we are not vulnerable of constantly depending on the Spirit of God. God wants children with the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is developed through intimacy with the Father.
Intimacy with God is meeting the Father’s need. There is a dimension of God where the grace of God is at work in us to meet the Father’s need. We are not just children of God, but children who are friends also. One of the mark of sonship is friendship with God.

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