Christ, our Cornerstone

Matt 16:13-19

The whole essence of our walk with God must constitute the bedrock of our salvation. The essence of our walk with God is for God to define and portray hope to us. Unveiling of Christ comes by the revelation of the knowledge of His word. The purpose of our desire to be close to God is so that we will attain the image of the stature of Christ the son of God. Sonship is to be conformed to the image of Christ and it is the purpose and high calling of the church.

We cannot attain the stature of Christ without the revelation of the word of God. It is the unveiling of Jesus through the knowledge of His will that triggers our spiritual transformation into Christ’s likeness. It is as we grow and mature in the Spirit that the church can emerge. Our needs are not to be our focal point in the church. When our needs become focal point, then idolatry will increase. Out focal point is to be Christ.

The church needs to deal with carnality and deal with the flesh and be passionate for the revelation of the Father. The church is not a religious centre, instead it is God’s people coming into the legislative authority.
As Christ is being formed in us, we are developing the mind of Christ and we will know what the will of God is in every situation. As we mature unto sonship, our lives become standards to the world. The purpose of the church is the Kingdom. The purpose of our status as Disciples of Christ is for the church to emerge. Church is what we become as we develop the mind of Christ.

My heart is meant to hunger after God. When my hearts hungers after God, revelation knowledge comes. The essence of revelation knowledge is to have Christ revealed and formed in me. As Christ is being revealed in me, I am developing the mind of Christ. As I develop the mind of Christ, I can hold His will and establish His kingdom in the earth.

Christ is our prototype; He is the blueprint of accuracy. The revelation of the word triggers the dealings of God and then the dealings of God shape our lifestyles. The purpose of the church is for building. Building has to do also with character formation. If our character is being built, the light of God will be portrayed in us. This is the essence of Christ, our Cornerstone.If we are being built and maturing in the spirit, then automatically God’s kingdom will find expression in us

God wants to make saviors of us. Saviors are those who are being built. God’s ultimate pleasure is to send us forth; the quality of our lives judging the world.

1Cor 3:5
God will always raise human vessels as reference points but Christ Jesus must remain our standard. If we take care of how we build God will take care of what we build.

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