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Psalms 8

There is a dimension of life that exceeds the heavens. God doesn’t dwell in heaven; rather He dwells in an incorruptible realm called eternity.God has poured grace upon you, to use you as a chosen vessel.

Isaiah 43:18 – 19

Anything that does not reflect the plans and purposes of God in your life is the former thing. God is doing a new thing; He is bringing the essence of your person. Unprecedented things will break out in your life. The Lord will use you to do the unusual. There is a new anointing he has brought upon you. This anointing will shape you to impact your generation.

The weight of God’s glory is resting upon you. God has chosen you to carry the weight of His glory. God will put a message and a song in your mouth for your generation. Everything that lies dormant and unproductive in you will come alive. The Lord is saying, “I will no longer be silent, I will speak to you.” The Lord will shield you.

There is a force of God that is triggered by the word that will bring a sudden shift. Heaven is speaking over you that you will be changed into a new man. The older you that is intimidated is gone, the new you will emerge.

The force of God is scattering the tower that is not erected by God. The Lord is working within you. You need to stop looking down on yourself. The Lord will use you for a great thing in this life, to affect the cause of humanity. The move of the Spirit is bringing about the working of the Lord inside you. This move is first internal; there will be a radical change on the inside of you. Henceforth, you will stop seeing yourself in the shadow of your inadequacies, in the shadow of the whispering of the stranger. You will see yourself in the light of God’s intent and determinate counsel. The Lord is saying, “I have known you, before creation”. You are the seed of God. The force of God, which is the foundation that constitutes your base, the enemy cannot decipher.

Proverbs 8:12

The Lord has come to you as wisdom. You will come to a new level of creativity; your mind will be resourceful. Going forward you will no longer rely on your human capabilities. The power of God’s Spirit will prompt you unto exploit. Thus saith the Lord, “The revolution is already gaining momentum. It started by your perception of the will of God and the transformation of your inner man.”

Thus saith the Spirit of the Lord, “Wisdom has laid its hand upon you. Wisdom has embraced you.” Therefore, the Lord is sending you forth with a song, a mission – you will take this generation like a storm. I see the operation of the spirit of wisdom, to take education away from classrooms. I will use you to bring education to the streets. You will raise new standard.

You will create new technologies. I see men and women that will rise on the pedestal of ICT and will begin to drive and advance the life of humans.You will bring healing to pain says the Spirit of God. I see the flow of the water of life and the Lord by the Spirit will bring healing and change to you.

The Lord is raising entrepreneurs. My hand is resting upon you. You will rise up to set up industries. Wisdom to defeat the odds of life has come upon you. The Lord will give you a download of ideas and creativity.The Lord has come to anoint hands. Such hands will bring about influence to liberate the souls of men.


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