Prophetic Activation Service

Revelation 19:10
Our allegiance is only to the Lord and nothing else. God wants to see the spirit of the fear of the Lord in us before we can be trusted with the testimony of Jesus. The Kingdom of God is supposed to be evident in our human entity. God is for the transformation of our human nature. A generation is arising in the earth whose responsibility is to fulfil prophecies.

Hosea 12:13
We are going to see different dimensions to the prophetic in our days. The church is going to be touching the dimension of the prophetic that will judge the territorial spirit holding people captive. The Lord is releasing such force of righteousness through the prophetic. It will bring liberation to the mind of the people. The Lord is saying “It is time to be free.”

The Lord is judging the spirit that is ruling the world and the spirit of the age.We will see another dimension of the prophetic that will advance God’s people. We will move from one height of the mountain of the Lord to another. We will press and exhaust times and season. We will lay hold on spiritual resource. We will cover grounds. We will accomplish the will of God.
The Spirit of God is saying to His people “I am advancing you to another dimension in the prophetic. What I am working out is a high level of the prophetic. I am also doing it among your brethren seeking the day of the Lord, among the remnant.”
It is time for shuttle raid. I am raising a people who understand air raid. I am turning you into jet fighters. “As you open up to the word of the Lord, there will be a release of the breath of heaven into your soul, and then you will be able to partake in the air raid.” says the Spirit of God.
God is calling us to communion. There is going to be an intense download of the face of Yahweh. There will be severe upgrade in the Spirit; The Lord is upgrading your sensitivity in the spirit. He is upgrading your boldness and audacity in the spirit.
The church has not maintained the integrity of her air space in the spirit, through seduction and imbibing the idols of Babylon. This has allowed the enemy to invade her (the church) air space.

The Lord is saying “I will begin to judge. Judgment will start from the church.” The Lord is reassessing and setting gate-keepers in the Spirit. The Lord is raising ministries and ministers who will maintain the purity of the air space in the spirit. They will be committed to living the truth. They will maintain the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. The Lord is raising sons that will have the conviction and clarity of the truth.
Heaven will begin to stretch her territorial influence in the earth. The truth of the Kingdom will be taught more than ever before. The Lord is raising faithful men who will place embargo on the intrusion of the enemy.

The Lord is saying, “Come up hither.” It is time to ascend, to come into a new level of companionship. It is time to ascend the hills of the Lord, to come into new height of operation. The Lord is opening up possibilities in the realm of the spirit. You will occupy dimensions that your patriarch Abraham, Isaac, Elijah occupied and operated. The hills of the Lord are beckoning.

As we engage in the air strike, we will arise and shine. Our light will glitter. We will operate in a dimension of government where we will take possession of territories. Through submission to the will of God, we will know what God is saying and call it forth. You will go forth and infiltrate the systems of this world. You will go there as a figure representing the Kingdom of God.

The Lord said “I am bringing revolution among my people and I will use them as catalysts”. This revolution will be spurred by the mind of God. You will have clear discernment and your agreement to the will of God is going to cause a revolution. I perceive the Lord is saying, “I am sending you forth to capture and design the future, to map out the future through the prophetic imprint and God’s agenda”. A generation is coming that is responsible for the imprint and birthing of God’s agenda.

Heaven will begin to use you through prophetic revelation, anointing, expression; you will begin to penetrate and there will be harvest of souls. Hardened hearts will be turned into hearts of flesh. They will surrender to the Lord. There will be harvest of “Sauls of Tarsus”. The Lord is saying, “There will be revolution” and He is sending you forth. There will be awakening and conviction of the Spirit upon the earth. The Lord will take over events and His sovereignty will take over the affairs of men.

There is shift in the realm of the spirit. It will come with the urgency of the now. This shift will bring about reshuffling of gatekeepers. There will be drastic change of leadership in the body of Christ. This shift is already causing shaking, there will be more shaking.
There will be judgement in the church. There will be judgement against falsehood and inaccuracies in the church. Systems and lawlessness will be judged. This shaking will invoke birth-pangs in the heart of God’s faithful vessels. There will be fullness of time, which will bring about elevations – this will rise up a different order of priesthood.

There is a divine orchestration, caused by this shift. There will be orchestrations caused by God’s invisible hand, which will institute alignment to His will in the church. God is sending forth prophets who are bond-servants of the Most High. They will trumpet the prophecies of the Lord, disseminate the truth and dispense judgement.

The church will witness validation from above. Validation will come upon priests and sons of Zion who are faithful and have endured God’s dealing. There will be no validation without faithfulness to the process of God. Authority will rest upon only character.
Heaven is committed to raising a glorious church. The glorious church will arise when the walls collapse.

There is a blast from heaven, denominational walls are collapsing. Walls of gender prejudice, racial prejudice are falling and His glory will be revealed. Nations will bow to the name and Lordship of God.
Let your will be done according to your word to us.

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