Pastor Tayo Ladejo

John 15:1-4
Fruitfulness is the essence of our journey in the faith. It is also the ultimate outcome of intimacy with God. If we have been with him, we will definitely be like him. Fruitfulness is about the Holy Spirit cultivating the seed of God (the life of God) in us. (1 John 3:9) The process of being born of God is engineered by the transfer of the seed of God into us.

The purpose of working with God is that the accomplished works of God can be transferred to our humanity. The seed of God becomes the primary flow that feeds our souls. As the Holy Spirit is transferring the life of God into our souls, we are becoming like Him.

Jesus is the true vine and the reason for cultivating His field is that He wants to have fruits.Intimacy with God is always initiated by our consecration. We are expected to walk with God and not the other way round. When it comes to perfecting the essence of our redemption, we must take the initiative. Consecration begins with our decision and resolve. Without our resolve, pruning never starts.

The word of God brings pruning. The word of God is the foundation for intimacy with God. Without the word, we cannot know God. There is no level of spiritual attainment that gives you license to undermine the word. The greater our perception of the word, the more our spiritual foundation is reinforced and the deeper we can get into the Spirit.

Matthew 7:20 – 23
Our validation in the realm of the spirit is determined by our spiritual fruitfulness, that is, how much of Christ is revealed through us. The new birth is a gift but the Kingdom is not a gift. We initiate the Kingdom by our determination.

Our lifestyle must be constantly ordered by the preference of heaven. When we begin to desire to know and love him, the door of intimacy is open to us. Intimacy with God is ignited by spiritual hunger.

To experience the manifest presence of God, we must back up our desire for God with devotion. The manifest presence of God builds in us the capacity to do the will of God. The will of God is fostered through our brokenness. The presence of God sensitizes our inner man – it becomes easy to sense the will of God. The presence of God comes with the desire to please God.

Intimacy with God always leads to the culmination of the life of God in the human soul. As the seed of God culminates in us, it begins to trouble the seed of corruption and begins to reverse the tendencies of the flesh. God wants us to be people who are developing spiritual muscles in doing the will of God.

These are the last days and we must develop the spiritual stature and stamina to hold forth the Kingdom of God.

John 14:10-11
Jesus taught us that intimacy with God opens us up to the working of the Spirit. As we press into knowing Him, the Spirit of God begins work in us and the flesh is being broken. The flesh is the nature ingrained in our humanity that wants to define our lifestyle. As we long as our desire for God is backed up with devotion, the Spirit will tame our flesh. One of the ways the Spirit tames our flesh is by taming our tongue.

When our tongue is tamed, we can be trusted with authority. Authority never comes without alignment. Authority comes with process. The Holy Spirit does not struggle with us. The Holy Spirit never intrudes until we allow Him to.

John 17:20-23
Oneness in the Spirit
Unity of the spirit is the state of accuracy of the church and it is authenticated by an unparalleled display of authority and release of power. God wants the church to be in that state of the unity of spirit. This is when He will work out perfection. Unity of the spirit is a necessity for glory to rest upon the church.

Unity of the spirit never occurs without intimacy with the Lord. If the church does not pursue intimacy with the Lord, the church cannot come into oneness in the Spirit. God is calling us into intimacy with Him and clearly, knowing Him is his greatest desire for us.

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