Knowing God


The basis of our journey in this world is knowing God. Fulfillment never comes by the acquisition of wealth or the attainment of exceptional academic pedigree. None of this achievements are wrong but they do not meet the essence of our existence. When we are given to knowing God, every other lack becomes irrelevant.

Psalm 36:5-9
God is the only one who is self-existent. God is sovereign; He does everything according to His will; everything God does is righteous. God is eternal; the more we know Him, the more there is to discover and know Him. Knowing God is the call to spiritual exploration. Our purpose in life is to be committed to knowing and digging into the vastness of the only One who is absolute. Those who will mature in the Spirit are those who will bury their realities digging into knowing God. The more we dig into His attributes the more we are lost in Him.

The adventure of knowing God can only be undertaken through the word and the Spirit. We must be given to the word and the Spirit. Each time we foster life in the spirit by speaking in tongues, we are speaking forth divine mysteries and communion is taking place with God. God wants us to see light in His light; He wants us to look inwards and draw light. When we draw light from inside, then there is hope for humanity. Those engaging in the adventure of knowing Him are actually light bearers.

Ps 103:1
It is God’s plan that our redemption in Christ Jesus should unseal a new chapter in our journey in the spirit and this chapter is called “intimacy with God”. There are certain realities we can refer to as principles of our redemption like healing, deliverance, etc. But as valid as these realities are, it is not all that is available to us. Intimacy with God extends these realities. The more we know Him, the more the things of God are transferred and labelled in our name. Intimacy with God is the access to all other realities in God.

We are part and parcel of God by His redemptive work but experientially we are part and parcel of him by intimacy with Him. Intimacy initiates us into the ways of God. When we are initiated into the ways of God, then His attributes and nature drives us. God wants to constantly live in the face of God. This means intimacy with Him. The more we behold His face the more we become like Him. This is His will for us as His children.

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