Tayo Ladejo

Isaiah 28:9

God is building a city. He is constructing a dwelling place – the place of His rest. The Lord is asking for a place of abode. Sometimes the kind of thought and motivation that prompts our conduct will disqualify us from being God’s dwelling place. God is asking that we do away with our idols. He is seeking for us to become the house of his glory. A place that suits his specification.

The blueprint of God’s resting place is Zion. He wants each one of us to embody Zion. Irrespective of how we live, we are building something. However, God desires that we be wise builders. We must not fall into the category of the foolish builder.

What defines our spiritual environment is the quality of the word we are exposed to. When we fail to practice what we hear, we will not bear fruit with them. If what we hear does not transform us, what we have is a form of godliness without power, that is, religious spirit.

When a foundation is compromised, in a matter of time, the whole structure will crumble. What we do with what we receive matters a lot and will determine what we will become in the long run. When the received word abides in us, we are prepared to face pressure. The quality of foundation is proven by how we interface with pressure. Our heart attitude must be right for us to have a solid foundation.

The dealings of God begin with right standing with him. And righteousness is a gift of grace which is received by faith. The first level of our faith is the ability to trust God. Divine power brings us to the place of Zoe and Godliness. Our souls drink from corruption but the intervention of God, by which our souls are liberated from corruption, is the fulfilment of grace and precious promise.

The presence of the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life is a reflection that we are not being governed by the Holy Spirit. We must be disciplined; applying ourselves intensively to the study of the word and trusting the Holy Spirit to bring constant illumination to our hearts.

Wisdom is when the Word of God has become part of you, changed your thought pattern and become your life philosophy. God does not want spiritual stagnation, he desires that we advance by keeping our focus on Him. We must understand that for us to come to a place of rest, we must continue to grow. We have leverage over the wicked one when we have internalized the word of God. The internalized word strengthens us to make transition in the spirit. Commandment extracts the tendencies of the sin nature. When we are ripped of the sin nature, then the spirit of the age will not be able to lure us.

Kingdom requires specification. Do not judge yourself with someone else’s standard. Be a wise builder!

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