The Nigerian Church: Samson as a Case Study

Pastor Success O. Success-Oso

Judges 13 – 14

The Spirit of the Lord began to move upon Samson at Mahaneh Dan. It was here that Samson began to discover his gifting; the spirit of might. This was not his purpose but his gifting. Samson already knew his purpose. If the Holy Spirit has not moved upon you to help you understand your gifting, many times you will be at a lossSamson was a Nazarite. He knew the source of his strength. He understood that he was meant to at some point begin to deliver Israel from the Philistines.

Samson never fought one battle for Israel. Every battle he fought was about himself. Samson understood that he was called to the office of a judge. He was not willing so God had to seek an occasion against the Philistines himself. Because he would not act as judge, an inordinate affection came into him such that he found himself loving that he was meant to stand against (Judges 14: 1-2).

The first major fight Samson had against the Philistines was because of a Philistine woman. The second and third were also because of Philistine women. Samson never led an army. He was not a one-man riot squad because he was trying to save Israel but because he was selfish. Though God used different opportunities to kill the Philistines, God wanted to deliver Israel not just kill the Philistines.

Even in Samson’s final moments in Judges 16:28-30, it was still about him. He killed the Philistines because of his two eyes. Samson was selfish.

You do not come to a place where you manifest a great degree of your gift if you have not gone through some dealings with God.

Samson was not the first person to walk in the spirit of might in the Old Testament. David also walked in the spirit of might. We see the spirit of might at work in David when he used a stone and a sling to kill Goliath.

David’s trust was in the spirit of might and not the stones and sling. David said he would depend on what he had used before which was the spirit of might.

1 Samuel 7

Samson is a type of a Church, so is Samuel. Samsons have built with great power from God but they have used it all for self and left the church weakened.

After Eli died, the Philistines returned the Ark and for a space of twenty years, Samuel was not heard from. He was in training. We see the same pattern in Moses who was in training for 40 years. Sometimes, our times of training that look so insignificant are because God wants us to stay steady. He does not want a shooting star that is there for a season and is out the next.

It is the anointing to deliver Israel from the Philistines that Samson was carrying that God put upon Samuel. 1 Samuel 7:7-13. Jesus was no Samson. Jesus had to discover who he really was by the volume of books that was written of Him. The scripture is a map and we need to find ourselves in it.

Jesus went to the cross by faith. For us to understand the fullness of the life of Christ, we must understand that He lived by faith. Luke 12:56- We need to understand the times we are in.

We need to understand what God is saying – how can we know? – Just like Daniel the truth of God lies within us to understood times and season. God has given us mercy and favour but we also need to understand how to receive mercy and favour. God has a plan and we must know how to position ourselves.

Luke 13:1-3. Jesus understood that Herod was not the problem nor sacrifices mingled with blood. He understood that the ground issue at that time was repentance.  After we have worshipped and prayed, let us seek His will and do it. Let us put action to His will.

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