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The Governing Church is the kingdom community or church expression of Cuttingedge Ministries with the responsibility of recapturing the original model of the accurate identity of the church through the revelation of Christ and unveiling of His kingdom.


Sundays 9:00 am

Thursdays 6:00 pm


 Citilodge Hotel
Behind Petrocam Filling Station

Lekki Epe Express-way, Lagos

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The CuttingEdge Ministries

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Cuttingedge Ministries is an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry committed to the transformation of human life in order to realize GOD’S core Purpose or agenda in the earth which is the unfolding of his kingdom. Our priority is to equip and mobilize GOD’S last days Army burdened with the responsibility of making the earth a replica of heaven.  Furthermore, we generally adopt the instrumentality of media and strategic conferences for the fulfillment of our GOD’S given vision and mandates.


You are GOD’S greatest asset- the apple of His eyes- and His most priced treasure. You are an epitome of the insurmountable force of His boundless love. GOD created you to bring Him pleasure. Unmistakably, you are a bonafide part and parcel of His global plan and agenda. Your identity and worth in life are embedded in His righteousness, and not in your morality nor your natural competence.
The essence of your existence is to fulfill His purpose because in Christ Jesus you have been legally appointed as His designated authority to enforce His will in the earth. On that account, the Holy Spirit of God indwelling you is the most significant spiritual means of your preparation and empowerment towards attaining His High Calling.

Your ultimate purpose in life is not to do but instead to become. Becoming like Christ is your High Calling which is constantly being fulfilled as you get to know Him personally and intimately. It is by becoming like Christ and attaining the measure of the stature of His fullness that you begin to inherit the kingdom of GOD even right here on earth.

Entering the kingdom of GOD completely triggers such irreversible paradigm shifts in you that inculcate new mindsets, rock-solid convictions and the sense of accurate realities originating from the above realm. To such a degree, this dimension of spiritual experience is embedded in eternal life. Therefore, as you receive more and more divine life in abundant measure you begin to transcend corruption to incorruption, and mortality to immortality. The kingdom is GOD’S top priority since the beginning till eternity. You are GOD’S entry point for the invasion of the universe by the force of righteousness. In consequence, as you come into alignment with His divine Purpose through our passion for His righteousness and deference to His will. Thus, your life becomes the driving force for showcasing GOD’S kingdom in the earth.  Your essence in life exceeds this present existence. You are born to discover the hidden mysteries of the ageless GOD and to orchestrate the fulfillment of His kingdom in the earth. In this fashion, restoring His order and government over humanity. Welcome to immortality!


Our Core Values

History & Value

Our Mission

Proclaiming and teaching the present truth {current emphasis} of the Spirit. Mobilizing the end-time army of God, the ultimate generation. Creating a platform for the divine fusion; making the earth a replica of heaven.

Our Visions

To orchestrate the conformity of humanity to the image and fullness of Christ through the dissemination of the truth of GOD'S kingdom and the proclamation of the current speaking of GOD for our generation.

Meet Our

Pastoral Team

Tayo Ladejo

Tayo Ladejo

Monica Ladejo

Monica Ladejo

Seyi Adefemi

Seyi Adefemi

'Lamide Olaseinde

'Lamide Olaseinde

Emmanuel Okoro

Emmanuel Okoro


Our Mandates

  1. To teach and equip believers from babyhood to maturity in the Spirit.

  2.  To raise a territorial borderless body of Apostolic and Prophetic people sent with the mandate of infiltrating the cultures.

  3.  To model the New Testament expression of GOD’S called out ones.

  4.  To set the standard of accurate lifestyle for mankind.

  5. And prepare believers to transcend corruption and inherit immortality and fullness of eternal life.

Mission Statement

  1. To inundate the nations in the gospel of the kingdom.

  2. To spur passionate pursuit of GOD and relentless devotion to His undiluted truth.

  3. To foster intimacy with GOD in the earth.

  4. To trigger man’s alignment to GOD’S the will.

  5. To initiate the invasion of GOD’S kingdom in the earth through the outpouring of the Spirit.