September Prophecy By Tayo Ladejo

 KARIOS (Appointed time or fullness of time) are orchestrated only by the sovereignty and wisdom of the ANCIENT OF DAYS, Himself. At the same time, CHRONOS (Chronological / Natural time) are often of great value with spiritual significant. On that account, the month of September 2017 is a period heaven is speaking distinctly and resoundingly to us as a people.

The LORD spoke to me at the beginning of this month (early August 2017) that TIDAL SURGE of the Spirit  is coming! This tidal surge will destroy idols in our hearts and sweep away iniquity from our lives. Yesterday, HE then spoke to me that the Hurricane Harvey coming to TEXAS coast is a sign to the effect of what HE is doing. It will knock down castles in the earth, affect homes and knock down public infrastructures. Thereafter, hope will rise again and fresh awakening of the Spirit will break out from Texas to the end of the earth. The outpouring of the Spirit and intervention of GOD will redeem souls and mercy will be showered upon the earth to bless mankind with the love of GOD.

In the month of September 2017, the voice of the LORD is taking over the affairs of our lives. His voice will instill the awe of His majesty over your life, family and sphere of influence. It will literarily take over the affairs of your life. His voice will reverberate: split stubborn barriers of darkness and terrorize the forces of wickedness for your sake. Significant battles in your life will be won by the majesty of His Presence. 

This will mark a time when the LORD will cause His voice to invoke shift and repositioning in your life. The atmosphere of contentions over your spiritual climate will cease.  Thus, personal struggles and hostility against us all will cease. Your soul will no longer go through cycle of unrest and discouragement.  Instead, peace like fountain will reign in your heart.

Furthermore, the voice of the LORD will release you to a season of Open doors. Doors of Hope and New beginning will open up to you. Thus, you will break forth to the right, and break forth to the left. You will possess the gates of your adversaries.

Moreover, we are entering a Season of TIDAL SURGE! Get ready for the outbreak of the Spirit. Fresh anointing is coming upon you! The Power from on high is being released anew. The LORD is giving you open heaven. This new anointing will cause you to come into a new frequency of intimacy with the LORD. Fresh hunger after righteousness and passion of the LORD will be fan to flame in your heart. You will come to a new level of spiritual connection with the LORD: you will hear His voice clearly and fall in love with Him afresh.

I hear Grace! Grace! and Grace! You will be stirred in the Spirit to occupy your place with joy and courage. Faith for great exploits and boldness to work miracles are being reignited in you. The LORD is stirring up a sense of divine Purpose that will prompt you to distinctly identify your rightful place in the body of Christ and fill it up. Again, it’s high time the LORD is sharpening your gifting and power-line. By the unction of the Holy One, you will become more fierce, precise and exact in the Spirit. 

It is high time you will recover the lost grounds. Years the enemies have taken from you will be brought back. GOD is restoring all that you have lost. It will not be by your human ability but the force of GOD’s intervention. And the LORD GOD will do a quick and thorough work in your life. With supernatural speed, there will be uninterrupted download of revelation coupled with grace. 

This time around, we will cease from our labour. You will no longer toil, but labor in faith. The Spirit of GOD will cause you to arise like a mighty warrior and subdue the forces against you. You will arise and shine because your light has come and GOD’s glory is risen upon you.

Lastly, in order for the fire of the Spirit to descend upon your altars, you must first repair the altars. There is no doubt, the fire is coming! It will devour every elements of falsehood and iniquity. It will burn down to ashes everything the Father in heaven has not planted. The fire will refine your faith and cause you to radiate the glory of GOD. The love of GOD will ooze out of GOD ceaselessly. The beauty of His manifest-presence will shine forth in your life. Many will tap from the grace of GOD and power of His might in your life. You will become the reservoir of divine Life and Grace mounted for the survival of humanity. However, this glory is only resting upon a life because the foundations are intact: the foundation of the altar of communion in the Spirit and that of your first love. It is time to repair our altars! The altar of intercession- the altar of mercy and forgiveness- the altar of devotion to sacrificial service. As we rebuild our altars, then, the burning fire of His love and majestic glory of His Presence will fall upon us.

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  1. Akinlemibola Damilola Joe : January 20, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    May Nigeria be as You have desired, Lord.

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