Faith Confession of The Week (26th Nov-Dec 2nd)


Christ Jesus died on the cross for my sake. HE paid the ultimate price for my redemption, therefore, I have peace with GOD. My spirit, soul and body are taken over by the Peace of GOD.

My family, career and every aspect of my life are saturated with the peace of God.

Peace governs my thoughts, my words & my actions. Through, the irresistible power of peace, everything else in my life falls in line with His purpose.

The peace of GOD in me overcomes the intimidating sound of war & conflicts of this world. Peace reigns over my circumstances & situations because the Prince of peace dwells in me and holds absolute preeminence over my life in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE: Philippians 4:6-7 Colossians 3:15 Romans 15:13