Faith Confession of the Week (12th-18th November)


I am saved by the blood of Lamb of GOD. I am rescued from sin and death and fully redeemed from the fall of man. Christ JESUS took my place: was substituted for my iniquity and punished for my sake. HE was crucified for my sin and resurrected for my justification. I am saved by grace! My placement with GOD is not a function of works and sacrifice, but on the redemptive works of the cross.

Ultimately, I was raised with Him from the death; thus, forever I am saved. As a result, my right-standing with GOD is fully regained. I now occupy the right hand of the majesty divine. I am seated on the seat of highest honor and authority in the realm of the Spirit in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE: Romans 5:1-5 Ephesians 2:1-8